"Be Kind"

The following is an article from blogger Stephanie May on Darling.com on the importance of not just being kind to our girlfriends, complimenting them and encouraging them, but it's so important to be kind to ourselves too. To see our own beauty.  Check out the following excerpt:

Source: Darling

Source: Darling

I once walked into a friend’s room looking for the hairbrush she had mentioned—next to the door on her desk. As I walked over to borrow it, her mirror caught my eye. Not the mirror itself, but the big black writing that covered it…

“You’re fat and disgusting. Stop eating. Get to the gym. This is NOT okay!”

I stepped back in shock—almost running into the bedpost I didn’t realize was behind me. My eyes took in the words one more time as my stomach flipped over. I felt woozy with the assault of those hate-filled words she had written about herself: “You’re disgusting. This is NOT okay.” 

We live in a world that values the perfection of self above almost anything else. If you go to a bookstore, you can get lost for hours in the aisles of publications that whisper loudly that you’re not good enough, that promise to make you “perfect”—a different version of yourself—better.

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