"A Letter to Women"

The following is a piece by a man who grew up on four different continents and whose mission in life is to help us understand what it is we have to give, Kute Blackson.  

Source: darling

Source: darling

My Dear,

You are priceless.

In our culture today, the real value of the feminine has been far undervalued and under-appreciated.

We tend to value things that we can touch, see, or understand with our logical mind.

But the real essence of who you are as woman is beyond form, dancing in the unseen, intangible realms.

The magic of the feminine is your mystery.

As a woman, one of your gifts is your profound intuition. You sense, see, and feel things beyond the physical. You know things way in advance. People may call you crazy, unreasonable, even unrealistic, but know that nothing revolutionary was created by dreaming small and buying into limitations.

We need your feminine gifts now on this planet more than ever in human history. We need your vision and your multidimensional sensitivity.

You as a woman have that magical ability to breathe life into something where there was nothing and give it form.

There is a reason that when you love, you light up a room.

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