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"Is Pre-Marital Sex Always Wrong?"

Carolyn Shieldssex1 Comment
"Is Pre-Marital Sex Always Wrong?"

 Because what if both people are strong in their faith? Or what if they know they are going to marry? They won't use birth control. They know that's against Catholic doctrine. Aggie Catholics addresses this commonly asked question head-on in a direct, yet reflective manner. Read an excerpt below:


It seems like a simple enough question - is pre-marital sex always a sin? The answers to that question given by Catholics might shock you. Here is a snip from an article on these results from Msgr. Charles Pope:

In 1972, 39% of adult Catholics responded that premarital sex was  “always wrong.” Among Catholics attending Mass at least once a week, 54% responded as such that year. In the most recent survey, conducted in 2008, only 14% of Catholics responded that premarital sex is “always wrong.”  Among Catholics attending Mass at least once a week, 30% responded as such.

In other words, more than 70% of Church-going Catholics do not hold or agree to the teaching the Church and Scripture that premarital sex (fornication) is always wrong.  Among Catholics who do not  go to Mass the number is even higher at 86%.

I knew it was bad, I did not know it was this bad. We have a lot of work to do.

I agree, we have a lot of work to do. But, I am not shocked by the numbers. I see the results of such numbers all the time.

Yes, it is always a sin. Why? Because it is a selfish, unloving, use of another human being and a misuse of our sexuality.

Pre-marital sex is selfish:
It is never about the other person. If it was, then we wouldn't be risking the other person's health, getting someone pregnant while not married, spreading disease, emotional welfare, spiritual state-of-being, and future marriage. It is all about me and only me, whenever pre-marital sex happens. Yes, there might be strong feelings, friendship, etc. But, the act itself is never about true unselfish love (see the next point).

Pre-marital sex is unloving:
Love = "choosing what is best for the other, despite the cost to myself" and could be summed up in one word = "gift". We are called to love others by being a selfless gift for them. Thus, when we choose something that is about me and is not good for the other, then it is not love. Pre-marital sex, by definition, can NEVER be a loving act.

Pre-marital sex is use of another human being:
John Paul II said using another person as a means to an end (in this case your pleasure) and not as an end unto themselves is the opposite of love. It is reducing a human being to an object. Not treating them as a child of God.

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