"How to Go on an Actual Date"

"How to Go on an Actual Date"

The following is a piece from Brian Kammerzelt, an assistant professor and chair of the communications department at the Moody Bible Institute.  Brian writes how it seems a proper date is becoming a lost art, and let's be real: how many times are we confused if a guy just 'asked us on a date' or simply 'wants to hang out?' Brian offers 7 ground rules for a proper date. The full article can be found here at Relevant.

How to Go on an Actual Date

By Brian Kammerzelt
September 3, 2013

Ask 20 people what a “date” means or looks like and you will get 20 different answers —different etiquette, different expectations, different experiences, different everything.

Apparently most of us are just making it up as we go along.

Done well, a date is an art and a mystery. Few things are more intoxicating and memorable than a truly great date. Unfortunately, it seems the proper date is becoming a lost art.

It seems the proper date is becoming a lost art.

Currently our culture seems to be caught in a paradox of not wanting to make a date that big of a deal (“it’s just coffee!”) yet still wanting a date to mean something special —for someone to make a big deal for them.

Strong desires for romance and equally strong fears of hurt, commitment or “missing out” clash and confuse. Often materializing as very weak behavior, as explored in a recent New York Times article on the end of courtship.

Perhaps there is no better time than now to resurrect the art of the proper date—dates that matter, are brave and are done right.