Editor's Note: theYCW Goes to Print!

We have an exciting announcement at theYCW! We are going into print!

We've been working for weeks to sort through the most popular articles published in our first year, and we edited and polished them to the point where they are squeaky clean and ready for a larger audience...the type that enjoys holding Truth in their hands.

Every year theYCW hopes to release a new volume of the most widely read articles, compiling YOUR work in order that it finds a way not only onto the desktop of every lady but on their bookshelves as well.

There are a few key reasons why we've decided to release yearly volumes:

  • We use squarespace as our content management system, which is a fancy way of saying it's our template for building this website; however, to be upfront and honest with all of you, it costs quite a lot to finance. These yearly booklets will help cover some of our costs for that year, as well as fund theYCW's promotional gear, which comes in the form of flyers at women's retreats, pamphlets, posters, and we HOPE to release a small collection of quality YCW merchandise on Etsy soon. The revenue will help assist in start up costs!

  • And saying that, we hope that this booklet will bring awareness and draw more women to our site, because the .com isn't going anywhere!

  • Above all, the intention of this booklet is to encourage YOU TO SUBMIT ARTICLES. And we pray that the possibility of seeing your work in PRINT will embolden you to share your insights, reflections, trials and tribulations and accomplishments on your road to Calvary. (Find out what we are looking for HERE). Every spring we will look at the statistics, and if your article is in the top twenty most read, we'll consult with you about sharing it with our most cherished wandering bibliophiles.

So please consider purchasing a copy of {insights for} theYoungCatholic Woman, Vol. I, available


And share the good news with friends and family!

{insights for} theYoungCatholicWoman is available exclusively at Lulu.com. If you would like to purchase multiple copies for your church, youth group, hometown bookstores, etc, please email us at founder@theycw.com for a discounted rate!