5 Songs For The End of Summer

By Carolyn Shields, on the eve of another friend's wedding wondering and wanting to write about her music

Though summer is half way done, I still wanted to share with you the tunes that have kept me company; however, be forewarned, I am by no means a music critic. Though some of these suggestions may seem hip (though come on, being hip is so cliche and main stream now), give them a chance. You might be thoroughly surprised. And to note: they are all rather upbeat tunes which should inspire you and your girlfriend to hop in her car and drive with the windows down to your favorite downtown boutique on this lazy summer afternoon:

(Note: I haven't watched any of the music videos, and I often feel that looking into the song's meaning and music videos makes me like the song less).


1) Summertime

Who: the Head and the Heart

Why: That's not the appropriate question here. More like 'Why not.' What's not to love about this whimsical rocking tuneage that will leave you tapping your steering wheel.

Best lyrics: I will sing as your canary bird/

Take my soul and bury it in the earth

2) She Lit a Fire

Who: Lord Huron

Why: This song and 'Ends of the Earth' was my desert jam. They are the perfect songs for summer and nothing overpowers anything, it's a perfect blend of Everything Good. Take out your guitar. Learn it. And play it at your next bonfire. That's my dream anyway.

Best lyrics: The last I saw her she was dancing all alone/

Perhaps my chance was then, I'll never know

3) We Come Running

Who: Youngblood Hawke

Why: It's like One Direction: even though you will sound like a guy as you belt this one at the top of your lungs and your seatbelt resists your jerks (not twerks), you feel a little better afterwards.

Best Lyrics: When the worlds gone quiet/
I see you dancing slow/
Feeling satisfied/
Where you never knew you'd go

4) Closer

Who: Tegan and Sara

Why: By far my favorite on this list, but admittedly perhaps not the most appropriate. Whomp. But really, I know I'm not the only one who still dances with her hairbrush around her room. And if I am, after you hear this I won't be anymore.

Best Lyrics: I want you close/I want you/

I won't treat you like your typical

5) Turn it Around

Who: Lucius

Why: Lucius is on tour with the Head and the Heart right now, and when they opened at the show I attended, it took me a solid three songs to get over their 'weird' factor. Then I quickly fell in love and they've become one of my favorite bands (my fourth favorite, actually). SO, please, don't be discouraged by the first twenty or so seconds of their music video, but this song is everything you need right now. (And, you know, maybe not at all).

Best Lyrics: She closed the door with the intention of not looking back/

But missed her step because she didn't have a steady track


What Are Your Suggestions?