Natural Table Setting for Christmas


By Shelagh Bolger

As Christmas quickly approaches, I started thinking about decor for the dinner table. With 19 people in my family and a busy schedule, place settings can’t be too spur of the moment or I end up throwing together tinsel remnants and the ornaments that I made in kindergarten that didn’t quite make the Christmas tree cut. I decided to plan ahead this year and map out a quick and easy place setting to replicate on Christmas.

I always like to bring a little of the outside in, so I went off into the woods to forage for this year’s table decor.  I found some holly and leyland cypress and went to work. My talented friend Meaghan photographed the adventure and was a doll to shoot on such a blustery, cold afternoon. I love the finished product and feel prepared to set my table on Christmas. Hope you enjoy setting yours!


What you will need:

  • Shears
  • Pencil & Pen
  • Paper
  • Matches/Lighter
  • Twine
  • Holly
  • Leyland Cypress or other greenery
  • Silverware
  • Plate
  • Napkin

Step 1

Gather your natural materials. Look for pine, spruce, cypress, and holly in your yard, woods, or purchase at your local florist. I snipped mine off trees in my woods.

Step 2

Trim the holly and greens to reveal a bare stem and just enough foliage to peek out from the top of the silverware.

Step 3

Arrange holly and greens behind silverware and wrap twine around all items. I wrapped the twine around mine 10 times to give a dramatic effect.  

Step 4

With a match or lighter burn the edges of your paper just enough to create a vintage look. Blow out the flame once you have the desired effect on each edge.

Step 5

Write your holiday greeting or guest’s name on the paper tag in pencil. Trace over with pen or marker. Punch a hole in the tag and string twine through the hole. Tie tag on to silverware bundle.

Step 6

Place the bundle on top of the dish and a napkin adjacent. Voila!





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Stylist: Shelagh Bolger


Instagram: @shelaghbolger

Photography: Meaghan Clare

Facebook: Meaghan Clare Photography