To Seriously Seek The Truth

It means seeking what can hurt us, because the truth will change us forever.

It means finding something that can be ugly, scarred, and raw.

It means discovering what can set us free. (John 8:23)

It means searching one's soul and attempting to get lost within.

It means when we seek, we will find. (Matthew 7:7)

It means realizing how brutal and uncomfortable faith can be.

It means no more denying that Love, exposed on a cross.

Truth seekers have the strength to pray, "Break through me, Lord. Even if it means breaking me."

Because truth seekers believe in His promise.

To every woman who uncertainly found herself here tonight, pillage your heart, earnest on finding the Truth. Be hell bent on that. And know you are welcome here, in this tiny, little beating heart of the universal internet. We want you to spend time with us here. And rest from that journey. And share your thoughts with us here.