Top Three Songs on the Radio

Though every other song lately is one of Taylor Swift's overplayed three singles, or Maroon5's teetingly*-getting-old Sugar, these three have yet to get old. And better yet, they have some sugar sized values in place that makes all the bubblegum pop worth it.

1) Dear Future Husband

Like TSwift, Meghan Trainor's previous two hits were drastically overplayed, and I'm sure this one will be too, but at least this poppalicious ditty sweetly conveys the message that marriage is supposed to be forever, and that some man will be Trainor's "one and only all her life." The imperfections that she writes in this song make it a classic twenty-first century working gal's anthem.

Best Lyrics: You gotta know how to treat me like a lady/Even when I'm acting crazy/Tell me everything's alright

2) Fight Song

Rachel Platten is finally getting the attention she deserves, and this single crushes her sweet hits earlier in her career, 1,000 Ships and Begin Again. Driven by her battle with cancer, this gal strikes a chord with all who have an inner fight, and reminds us that one small word, deed, or spark can cause a chain reaction that can rock the world.

Best Lyrics: And all those things I didn't say/Wrecking balls inside my brain/I am screaming loud tonight/Can you hear my voice this time

3) Geronimo

Their first record just a year old, Sheppard has taken the world by storm with their hit single 'Geronimo,' a vague reminiscent of Fun's 'Some Nights.' Their music video amps up the heat pounding tune with billowy white shirts and funny little mascots ready to take on an dem hearts, because they're making their way into them.

Best Lyrics: (And the overall virtue to be found in this song): Make this leap (repetitive) 

*I made that word up.