The Breaking Point: An Excerpt from {INSIGHTS} Vol. II

Take a peak at an excerpt from {INSIGHTS} Vol. II, and please remember that your purchase helps us run theYCW for the 2016 year. You can claim your copy here. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your support.

The day could have been faultless, too—beautiful, tropical Ugandan weather, an excursion out on the Nile, and a clear, night sky, but I couldn’t help that my heart would take a little plunge whenever I thought of him.

Sometimes we forget that there’s just this one degree that an angle stands but there are one hundred and seventy-nine other degrees in which it will fall. Meaning, we can’t always stand tall. Sometimes we might tip, lose our balance, dither (if you will), and we might experience this on a daily basis. Hey, sometimes we might fall.

And this fall may come as a crash into the limitations of our femininity. What’s that mean? Simply this: you are only a woman.

I am a firm believer that everything we seek can be found in the crucifix, but the mystery of fully God and fully Man blindsided me when I learned that perfect love cannot be found outside of it. Perfect love is self-denial, sacrifice, always willing the good of your beloved, and we must remember that yes, we should strive for that model on the cross, but He endured because He was also fully God. He was divine.

And you are only a woman.

So look for perfect love all you will, but I promise you won’t find it anywhere else.