Costa Rica: March 2016

2016 is already filling up with beautiful initiatives here on theYCW and we are bursting to share it with you. 

This year we plan on donating 25% of our proceeds to a non-profit in Cambodia and will host a workshop there this December. Stay plenty tuned for details!

We also intend to grow 100% by September (you read that right!), release TWO booklets this year, and grow our contribution team.

But for now? We want to extend the invite to travel to Costa Rica with founder Carolyn Shields, whose daytime job is Assistant Director at the University of Pennsylvania's Newman Center (the first one founded in America). Interested? Want more details? Ready to register already? Check it out HERE.

Spots are limited, but Carolyn would love for the chance to get to know all of you better. Hosted through Creatio and sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania, get ready for the trip of a lifetime.