To the Wild Ones: Excerpt II from {INSIGHTS} Vol. III

Here's another little glimpse into a never released article, The Privilege Is This, found only in Volume III of {INSIGHTS}, available here.

Dear gatherists, beholders and struckers alike, creatives and curators and content collectors or whatever, my kin and my peers. To the archivists, cityfolk and small town gals, the outdated hipsters and slightly off bohemians, but most of all, maybe above all, to my untamed wild ones;

You are comprised of several thousand impressions and marks left by strangers and romancers, allies and rivals. You inherit. You seek, are given, lost and found, and you are sculpted by your surroundings.

You are an amalgamation of past experiences and exposures. Antlers, copper, geo-tats, coffee, botanical succulents and eucalypti, the rise of the word ‘yo’ and all of this vanilla-creamed mainstreamed’s all fine and good. You are meant to be a part of it all. It’s not wrong or lame to love what’s currently trending, but when we mindlessly get behind what’s vogue, things can take a precarious turn.

So I challenge you to never stop daring the culture that fits in your palm and the one that weighs over your head. Be bold in how you react, in how you charge, how you move and how you capture.



Things matter. Life matters. Your faith matters. But only the bold act nowadays. Read the rest of this letter and its unforgiving challenge in Volume III of insights, available now!