Where Is Your Egypt?


By Kathryn Trudeau

A wise woman once told me that to exemplify Christ, we must first exemplify the first disciple; the one who taught Him how to be. That first disciple is Mary, the Blessed Mother. She laid down her life continually for God. And there's one time in particular that speaks to us all. Mary as a pilgrim.

"Wait what? Did I miss something?" No... well... maybe.

Remember that time when Jesus was an infant, and Mary and Joseph were told by God to flee to Egypt? Yeah. Have you meditated on that reading? Because it will blow you away! Mary and Joseph fled to a foreign country when their newborn child was an infant. Read that line 3 times slowly.

Mary and Joseph listened to God and obeyed His will. Cue Isaiah 55:8-9. "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, my thoughts higher than your thoughts."

Mary knew that verse from her studies of the Torah and knew in her heart the truth behind it. She never questioned God. We may not be “full of Grace” like Mary, but we are human just like Mary. Therefore, we can ask Our Mother to guide us like she guided Jesus as a child.

To follow the path to heaven we must trust only in the One who paved it - not even ourselves. We humble ourselves each day to admit that we are fallen and ignorant. We reach out in hopes that God gives us each the grace we need to do His will.

So…. Egypt. Sound familiar? That foreign place God calls you to, to bring about a great glory for His kingdom.

Was it that college you felt called to go to but was last on your list? How about that job He asked you to take that sent you halfway across the country? Or what about that time you said 'yes' to a date that you went on out of 'charity' and now you're married to them?

Egypt sounds awfully familiar to me. I've never been, physically. But I have been there spiritually. God has asked me in big and small ways to go to Egypt. Not every time I've loved it - in fact, every time I've strongly disliked a huge part of it. But unlike Mary, who never asked where she'd sleep, eat, or how long she'd be there for, I've questioned, scowled, whined, and complained. I have never just fled to Egypt, as if I trusted my Father more than myself.

So yes, I'm a lousy daughter in that sense. But I'm trying. I get up each day and groan when my alarm goes off - but I get up. I daily remind myself that "God doesn't ask that I succeed. He only asks that I try." (Mother Teresa)

I have journeyed to Egypt and rejoiced when He has sent me home. But now I am back in Egypt, trying to live in the present – making this my home. I have learned to count even the smallest victories for God, because they're still victories in His name. And through each small act of love for God, the world will be sanctified.