Day of Giving

Giving Tuesday is amongst us!

Consider supporting our ministry at theYoungCatholicWoman this season by sharing a small donation here. Your donation will help us continue to strive in our efforts, not lose help, and reach for those women that need to hear these words of truth. 

It takes a lot of work and a lot of time to do what we do, and though we currently receive little to no compensation for it, we understand that this is a ministry of heart. When you guys take the time to reach out, share a token of thanks and of praise, when you share your stories with us, our hearts receive so much and you fan the flames. We continually feel honored that you would share your words of truth with us and that you choose this platform to proclaim what you learned in the dark or on the mountaintops.

We are here not just for you but because of you. And we can't thank you enough!

But as we know, student loans, bills, city expenses (ew), and saving for a wedding are very real things. We know that time is precious and boy does a lot of it go into this site. We know that there's so much more growing to do! And though nothing could ever replace what you give us, we are asking for a small donation on this Giving Tuesday to help us reach even more women.

What exactly would your donation go towards? First and foremost, we are hoping that one day we can make this website a number one priority in our lives. We can't spend hours studying trends. We can't release three new articles a day. We can't grow when we're sleepy. We can't broaden partnerships, write more booklets, expand our shop, or reply to every email. And we can't double our numbers or break barriers....but we would like to. With your support, time will be compensated and our drive will deepen. The chasm between vocation and work will close. And together we'll take steps towards making theYoungCatholicWoman a universal ministry that will inspire, challenge, and encourage women to grow in a deeper relationship with Holy.

So this Giving Tuesday, we're opening up our donation page to the masses. And because as we said above, your words also give us the fuel that we desperately need, and you can share that with us here!

Thank you and God bless my incredible, beautiful, and inspiring readers. You give me so much purpose and so much hope, and for that I am incredibly and deeply grateful.