Beautiful Publications Worth Every Penny

By Carolyn Shields

I'm not the only one who's noticed it, I'm sure. There's been indie books produced by young Catholic women this past year that are gorgeous, inspirational, and so desperately needed. If we find a few bucks in our pocket by the end of this season, we would totally spend it on one of these beauties. This post isn't sponsored, but we just had to share the goodness that's come from 2017 and encourage you to support these heartfelt projects.

1. The Catholic Journaling Bible


Blessed Is She is a huge supporter of theYoungCatholicWoman and they just released a breathtaking Bible, perfect for note taking and beautiful interior designs. We're totally smitten.


2. The Examen Journal


This simple reflection journal was created by Mary Williams, a busy mom who felt the need to create a space to reflect on her day using St. Ignatius of Loyola's examination of conscience. It's easy to use, minimalistic, and needed.


3. Every Sacred Sunday Journal


Like, woah. Why hasn't this existed before? This is the perfect companion to take with you to Mass to keep focused and commit to carrying the Word throughout the week. It's taken the Catholic cyber world by storm with its successful kickstarter, and it's flying off the shelves...


4. TheYoungCatholicWoman Shop


We've got big plans to publish more booklets this year, but for now know that your purchase truly helps this woman out! We reformatted SAINTS this year and love the new look! And it's just $11.99 and available exclusively here!