Fun (And Sometimes Inspiring) Instagrams To Follow This Weekend

Monika Kralicek

Monika Kralicek

By Carolyn Shields

For sure-for sure, I need to curtail my time on social media, but if you're able to limit yourself or not get too lost in this online media world, we highly recommend checking out some of these women on Instagram. For the most part, they're just fun to follow and rarely post something that's going to dampen your mood and if they do, it's probably a necessary "let's get real" moment. At times they're inspiring, and not because they seem to be doing it all or have it all, but because they are simply pursuing their passions. Each of these women are drastically different than the other, but their passions drive them forward.


Kate Fafinski worked as a NET Missionary for a few years before she settled down in Minnesota as a youth minister. Her stories are filled with simple goodness. You'll see a lot of coffee, more of her puppy, some hammock, and a whole lot of authenticity. She's all about that vulnerability. 


We mentioned her stationary work briefly in our latest article, but she has an eye for capturing natural beauty. (Though living in Michigan makes that a little easy). A florist, graphic designer and illustrator, and now venturing into a new endeavor with @bonboncapco (where she knits the dearest little bonnets for babies), she's a woman whose passion and drive only creates beauty.


This Instagram momma is all about nature. She just announced she's pregnant with her third child, and her devotion to her family and cultivating an organic lifestyle in her little home is truly inspiring. As the author of the highly anticipated cookbook, 'Tales From A Forager's Kitchen,' she's also prone to share some cool stuff in nature that makes for impressing recipes...have you seen our Pine Needle Tea Recipe? Where do you think we got the idea from? One of our favorite recent posts from her is a photo of dew on leaves and a caption that reads, "I couldn't help but shake this feeling all weekend of what a privilege it is to be a Mom. I mean, this is it. The one chance I get with my babies. Then one day they are buckling themselves in the car seat all by themselves or gone and grown....I seriously crave with everything inside of me to look back when they're all grown up and realize that all that mattered was that actually the giving, the holding the wiping, the teaching, the laundering and the serving was a joy and a privilege and a conscious choice."