A Supplement For Your Bible Studies


What are our booklets? They're a compilation of our most popular articles we published that year, printed so that you can toss it in your bag and carry it around with you (wouldn't it be great if our cell phones could do this?). But seriously, the proceeds of these sales help us cover the maintenance cost of theYCW each year. We also publish additional articles that we never published on the web before, write an extended introduction, and include discussion questions for each article as well. So we encourage you to use these booklets as supplements to your Bible studies! How? At the close or start of your small group, read one of the articles and discuss the discussion questions in the back. We included some of examples from all four volumes here:

The Present Moment and Entitlement

By Carolyn Shields

Vol. I of {INSIGHTS}

1.  What mindset do you have first thing in the morning, and how does this affect the rest of your day?

2. What’s an example from your life where the outcome of the situation was based on the 90% reaction to it?

3. What percentage of Americans do you think are satisfied with life?

4. Do you find yourself living most in the past, present, or future?

5.  Is it easy to worry?

The Dangerous Ground

By Elizabeth Pawelek


1. In what other ways can we be guilty of stealing time?

2.  How often do you catch yourself daydreaming, creating a reality you find better than the one our Holy specifically designed for you?

3. What happens when we become slaves to our desires?

The Constellations Within

By Alex Gonzales


1.  When was a time that you asked but did not hear an answer? And what did you find in the silence?

2.  Inheritors, gatherers, hunters, wild ones…which are you, sweet woman?

3.  What does creation have to offer you, and what do you have to offer creation?

I Am (Exclusive Article)

By Carolyn Shields


1. What does your name mean?

2. What are names that you use when addressing God, and how does this reflect your relationship with Him?

3. When do you feel most known by another? By God?

4. Are you in the habit of taking God’s name in vain?