The Longing Of Our Hearts


By Katie Roden

The desire of all of our hearts is to be heard, seen, known and loved. It's a desire that penetrates every conversation and every encounter. This desire was created to only be fully fulfilled through our relationship with our Perfect Father.

However, through our imperfect nature, we can sink into the dangers of longing for this fulfillment from others. We place our hearts in the hands of men, education, media, friends, beauty, sports and so much more. Through broken friendships, broken families, loss, and so much hurt that we were not intended to bear, the innocence of our child-like heart of trust is wounded.  This displacement of fulfillment is cleverly used by the enemy. It leads to the questions that are whispered in our ears every chance of silent brokenness the enemy gets. 

Are you really heard? Don't your friends pay more attention to their phone screens then your conversations?

Are you really seen? Don’t you have to hide your face in make-up?

Are you really known? Don't you hide the reality of your life from your social media?

Are you really loved? Didn't the man you trusted your heart to walk out for something better?

It's so easy to get caught up in the response of the world to the messiness and imperfection of our lives that we forget the beauty that the Lord created us in. These questions continue as long as we have place someone or something on the throne of our hearts that is not our Perfect Father.

I have good news sisters. Jesus offers us freedom. The enemy can try to come and steal, kill and destroy. But, we get to choose who's voice we engage with. Jesus has already won. He offers us the fullness and abundance of life. Will we listen to the voice of the thief or the Victor? 

He asks for us to place our identity in Him, who will never leave us abandoned and He offers one question to us in response. Do you trust me to give you the fullness of your desires?

We can trust his word for He is always faithful and He always keeps His promises. He will not lead us astray.

He whispers in our hearts the words of life.

You are fully heard; You are fully seen; You are fully known; You are fully loved in My eyes.

He delights in you, His precious beloved pearl. 

Take the time to affirm your sisters in Christ today in their identity and worth for you might be the only voice of life in their day!