Daughters Of The Day


By Monica Olloren

In the early morning when it’s still dark and chilly, I get into my car shivering. I quickly say a prayer to my guardian angel for a safe commute before turning the wheel to back out of my driveway. I check my clock and I smile, thinking to myself ‘just in time,’ as I see the orange and pinks paint the sky. Sunrise is coming. Immediately, I turn my head west and see the Arizona mountains being illuminated by the light, their shadows exposing the mountains’ amazing depths. This is when you really see the character of the mountain, outlined by the violet hue of twilight. I sigh and praise God for an awesome sight. 

I make a left turn to the east and immediately the golden globe peaks over the horizon. As it rises up, slowly and perfectly, I am overwhelmed by its warm rays. With fixated eyes and a still heart, I experience feelings of awe and gratitude, praying thanks to God for overwhelming with  His beauty - to just rest it in it. As God says,“Be still and know” (Psalm 46:10). This daily experience with the sunrise has opened up my heart to God’s words. Before, on my commute, I would make mental checklists of  to-dos for the day. Now, I just sit still and let God be. That silent time in the sunrise has brought so much revelation and God has used it to reveal three healing truths. 

His Love is Enduring

The sunrise is God’s love letter in the sky. Every morning it rises. At the end of the day, it sets. In the morning it rises and at the end of the day it sets. In the winter, the nights become long, but the sun makes its way to the horizon unfailingly. It is a true testament to God’s constant and unwavering love for us.  

Nobody love us like God. Nobody is more faithful than God, and our proof is the love letter in the sky. 

Have Faith in His Healing

The sunrise is God’s proclamation to have faith. During times of heartbreak and suffering, we can feel so alone and afraid of the future. And while daytime distracts you, the night can remind you of your deepest insecurities and fears. The aches that occur from those feelings are not strong, but they linger and that’s what makes us feel broken. 

You may at one point experienced an event that triggered that lingering pain. You may have woken up with it and asked God, “When will it end?” Look to the sun’s ray and your answer is there. The sunrise will still the ache in you heart and in that moment, you will feel peace. Truthfully, the sunrise doesn’t take away the pain, but it is God’s sign that the heart will be healed. Maybe not now, (for God uses our brokenness to restore us) but one day. As long as the sun rises, have faith. 

Fill Your Heart With Gratitude

The sunrise illuminates what is not seen in the darkness. The depth of a mountain’s beauty is not realized until the early sun reveals its deep ridges and peaks. Mountains look different throughout the day, but in the morning, their raw, rugged forms are more exposed. Similarly, the morning exposes the soul. In the blinding sun you can see everything: your imperfections, past trials, current struggles. In that moment, you can also see the times God walked with you - how He loved you in your brokenness. The realization of His love will transform your heart into one of gratitude because you now understand what He’s done in you. There is nothing more beautiful than the realization of how God has worked in your life. It is like a love story with more to come. 

Be Still and Know

Every morning I look to the sky, allowing the sunrise to capture my heart. Its beauty never fails to bring joy to my soul. I let the rays embrace me, let God behold me. Like love letters, I hold each sunrise close to my heart. I let His truths sink in and I pray thanks for what has been, hope for what will be, and for a love of God that never ceases. So next time you see the sunrise, “Be still and know.” Let God reveal His love for you.