Our Favorite Magazines

By Carolyn Shields

Man, it’s been my dream for a while now to create some kind of print for theYCW. Our yearly publications were just a lot of work for little return so after four years we discontinued them. They were a collaboration of the most popular articles put into print with a few exclusive articles, but they served their purpose: they helped us get on our feet financially.

That dream hasn’t been killed though as I’ve advanced in my career, wrapped up a masters in media, and fell in love with graphic design. (I’m also getting old and just bought a pair of ‘computer glasses.’ Every time someone points them out I blush to high heavens. So naturally, I prefer to read print to save my eyes…)

But the time isn’t right for theYCW to go back to print…yet. So, I wanted to share some magazines and newspapers that can help fill that absence that are both beautiful and have great content.


Radiant Magazine

Radiant Magazine is a quarterly magazine for young Catholic women that spreads the beauty, truth and goodness of Christ and His Church. With stories that uplift, inform and inspire, Radiant Magazine helps women grow in virtue and holiness with style, joy and grace….oh, and cough…I wrote an article in their latest issue.

The Ordinary

This newspaper celebrates beauty in and around the Catholic Church, so uhm, swoon! We just ordered our copy and can’t wait to get our hands on it! AND it’s only $5. They’re literally just starting out, which is all the more reason to show them some love!

Tierra Magazine

Issue 1 "Beginnings"

An 88 page publication, titled The Beginnings Issue, featuring talks with artists and designers, photography studies and creative writings, Tierra Magazine is centered around the beauties of simple living and slowing down.

With stories of career and life changes, reinventing and self discovery, this issue is dedicated to all of the beginnings experienced throughout a lifetime, illustrating the happiness and fulfillment they can bring.


Deeply Rooted Magazine

Websites like Pinterest are proof that women are searching. It could be a workout plan, a perfectly curated wardrobe, or a collection of self-help quotes. If you untangle all the webs, you will find one common denominator and that is the desire to improve self and quality of life -- neither of which satisfy outside of Christ. Unfortunately, many Christian women are caught in the undercurrent of it all. Deeply Rooted Magazine serves to be a light in the midst of the things that work overtime to steal our attention and affection away from God. Through our publication, we deliver rich content, written and created by published authors, pastors, women, and talented artists. Our Gospel-centered articles are filled with lots of practical application, forming a magazine that will encourage, inspire, and challenge you with solid, Biblical truth.

Note: We haven’t reviewed this magazine in full yet and there’s a line in their statement of faith that we don’t totally agree with, but we can learn a lot about our own faith when we extend the dialogue.


Be Still Magazine

Kristin Schmucker wanted a different kind of magazine…one that you open up with your Bible, and one that is filled with beauty, encouragement, and truth. The articles are meant to encourage, teach, and point women to the Lord. It’s part of the Daily Grace Co. which is another evangelical organization committed to helping women deepen their relationship with the Lord through scripture, so like Deeply Rooted, please note that this is not a Catholic publication…but again, my atheist friend back in high school helped me probably more than my Catholic friend in growing in my faith!


Darling Magazine

Darling redefines beauty and empowers women to own their unique potential. Media that makes you feel loved, not less. | Their latest issue covers: how to stop envying and start celebrating other women in your life, trusting the process when the future seems uncertain, cultivating healthy female friendships, what hinders your creativity, how to find boundaries as a working mother, and more! Always good topics


Rucksack Magazine

For that guy in your life…or totally for yourself. Just listen to how awesome their mission statement is: Rucksack Magazine is an online journal and printed bi-annual publication. We celebrate both written & visual storytelling and are driven by our passion for adventure and photography. We began in 2016 as an online journal and have recently printed our third volume of Rucksack MagazineThe Island Issue. Our online journal is divided into stories, photo essays, photographer interviews and brand features. We work as a platform for new and emerging photographers and writers, connecting a global community of creative storytellers. Our brand has no limits, no boundaries; it is there for those with a thirst for adventure, those who want to create something new, something exciting. It is there to inspire, to excite and to mesmerize.