A Freshman's Testimony


By Anon

There is no better feeling than finding God’s love for you. It’s always there, but sometimes it takes a life event or certain person for one to find it. 

I started my freshman year in college a few days ago, and I would not be where I am without the relationship I have developed with the Lord. He is my rock, my salvation, and my biggest blessing to discover. 

I was so lost my junior year in high school. I had my first boyfriend and was completely in love with him. I couldn’t find anymore room in my heart for anyone else, and I only wanted to focus my time on him. 

A few months had passed in our relationship when my world changed completely. The great flood of 2016 hit my city, my home, and my heart. I was devastated. My family and I had to live elsewhere for six months because we lost our home, and it was so difficult to see my house in shambles. The smell of sheetrock is forever embedded in my brain. Throughout those months, I learned that it didn’t require much to live a beautiful life. Materialistic items aren’t as valuable as we think. We need family more than anything, and I didn’t exactly understand that my family existed passed the physical people on earth. My family all came from God, but I had no idea where He was. I was still so angry with Him for everything we had to go through. 

And then suddenly there I was, thinking I was the happiest girl on earth. Living in my newly remodeled home, I thought everything was finally falling into place. We had been living there for a few weeks when my grandfather became very sick. I knew my days with him were limited, and this time when I turned to Jesus, He made Himself known. I basically said, “You’ve shown me how tough I am, I’ve experienced a lot, and I really, really need You.” My PawPaw passed within a week of being sick, but my faith in Jesus grew through another tragedy and He wouldn't allow grief to drown out my praise.

The summer before college has been rough and presented multiple challenges, but I’ve become a retreat leader, attend Church weekly, and worship music has become a sturdy friend of mine. I’ve truly learned to “cast my care” on the Lord, and I could not be more grateful for the relationship I have with Jesus. I trust Him with everything, and I know He will get me through anything.