A Letter After A Break Up


By Caitlin Bostrom

What if your break up is an Invitation to greater love?

It was everything opposite of what a young girl in her 20s dreams New Years Eve should be. It was the day where there was no denying it: I needed to break up with my boyfriend whom I had been dating for two years.

And so I did. I took that leap of faith. Feeling blind, and yet somehow seeing clearly enough to know I needed to take this leap. Relinquishing control. That step into the unknown. Completely terrifying.

I was asked to relinquish the familiarity of the past two years of my short life. How do you even do that??? And I’m still asking myself the question.

I wanted someone to blame for the pain I was asked to suffer. The hard thing was that I didn’t even have hard feelings toward the man! I just new the peace was not there, and the Father was asking me if I trusted Him. Totally.

Why was I trying to grasp, fight, clench, try to control and fix something that my Father knew wasn’t mine to grasp at? The relationship was no longer a gift I was receiving with open hands. Instead, it became something I was fighting to hold onto, when God the Father was asking me to surrender it to Him.

For all those who have suffered the pain of a broken heart. I want to speak truth into your heart of what God the Father is speaking to you through even the most painful of break ups.

My Child. I know you so well. I know exactly what your heart needs. I know what I created you for. I am asking you to trust the process. Trust the story I have written for you. For it is good. It is beautiful. And I want to bless you abundantly.

I know you are experiencing pain. I am there with you, My daughter. Holding you, speaking truth to you. Breathing life in you. I am the one you are looking for. Be reminded of that.

Nothing can stop you! Did you know that love can never be taken away from you? Yes, let me tell you that again— love can never be taken from you. That is the gift I’ve given to you as my daughter.

You can always choose to love.

But remember what true love is. Love demands a surrender. Love requires total trust. Love is not possessive. Love requires for you to open your hands. Surrender. Love sometimes requires you to let go.

My little child, let me take care of you through the PROCESS. Why are you so afraid of the present? Of the unknown? Why are you afraid of the process? My dove, try to enjoy every aspect of the journey. Let every moment in the journey be a gift and a reminder of my love and perfect Fatherly care.

In those moments of pain that you are experiencing, hold onto the joy that surpasses understanding. I am your fulfillment. I am your heart’s desire. And I am asking you to come rest in me.

Remember, the end goal of relationships is actually not marriage. It is heaven. Love is never wasted. You are closer to heaven than before. Be thankful for that gift.

Don’t look too far ahead. Don’t dwell in the past. I only ask that you let me love you right now, My Beautiful One. Let me enter into your broken heart, and make it new. Let my Son’s blood fill the cracks and crevices of your broken heart. Don’t try and cover up the hurt. Don’t numb the pain. Allow yourself to feel. Let me into that. Let me transform.

My daughter, try not to dwell on the “why?” Trust that I am loving you through this and allowing it for a greater purpose.

I hope you can be thankful for this suffering, my girl. For when you are thankful for the ways I am loving you through this, you will be more open to receive the love and graces I am pouring into your heart.

And my daughter, you will be free indeed!!! For if you allow every time your heart breaks to be an opportunity to trust and be loved more fully by me, nothing can stop you. Nothing can steal your peace or your joy. It is rooted in me. And I promise to never leave you. I am doing this for your freedom, for your happiness, for your joy.

My child, remember that you are not experiencing an ending. Rather, I have invited you into a new beginning. A beginning to enter more fully into my love and freedom. No heart break can take this away but only call you deeper into the mystery of love.

I love you. Keep trusting. Keep thanking. Keep loving. Let your hands be open. Receive.


Your Dad

My sisters, your story is not over. Continue choosing love.