A Twenty Second Poem You Must Read For The New Year

One of our resolutions this year is to simply read more….though it kinda seems that resolutions were so…last millennium. Words or choosing a particular saint seems to be all the rage, but whatever. Whichever way you decide to start your new year, we can all agree that the turning over of one number, that a fresh start, and a new year simply feels good. And we wanted to share with you a poem that really spoke to us to help keep your hearts full of hope and your sights forward:

If we are to walk into the new year with hope,

we need to look to God, as well as ourselves.

When we look to the scriptures we learn

how much God desires new beginnings for us.

This is a constant theme through the sacred Word.

God refreshes, renews, heals, blesses, makes whole,

cleanses what has become mired,

clears what has become blurred,

restores what has died,

recovers what has gone astray.

Freshness | Joyce Rupp