A Healing Prayer For The Married Woman


By Vanessa Marie Caron

To the heartbroken and desperate wife, woman and daughter of God: In our fast-paced, consumeristic and self-seeking culture, relationships have sadly become a disposable commodity. Marriages, especially, are threatened and attacked on all sides. As we enter a new year, we need to be bold and claim the graces of the sacrament of marriage. In my own life, I have been brought to my knees with my eyes looking heavenward. Borne of my own reflection and cry to God, I share the following prayer for the married woman seeking healing in her marriage.

Let me hear of your steadfast love in the morning, for in you I put my trust. Teach me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.
— Psalm 143:8


My heart is broken. How can two people, husband and wife, love each other so much and yet suffer so greatly? As two wounded people living in a fallen world, it’s often easier—safer—to wrap ourselves in our own emotions, blinding ourselves to Your Truth: that we are both worthy of love and connection. I praise You, Lord, at the edge of this storm, not knowing whether the tempest will persist or recede. Forgive me and help me realize the gift of my life and the gift of these hardships.

As we enter this new year of 2019, I beg you, Heavenly Father—merciful and all-encompassing—to lavish outstanding blessings on our marriage. I invoke the power and graces of this sacrament, that our union might flourish with dazzling love, mercy, kindness, patience and joy. Wash away all bitterness and relinquish our hold on past hurts. Make us new. 

It was more than mere coincidence that brought my husband and I together; and we remain joined by more than an earthy vow. Having stretched out Your hand, You sent forth the power of Your Holy Spirit, knowing full well we were broken and lost. You drew us together for Your Incomprehensible purposes: a thread in a tapestry—simple and seemingly insignificant—woven into a breathtaking masterpiece. 

Through Your Grace, we dispel all falsity, clothing ourselves in Your fortifying Truth. We have been knocked down again and again, bludgeoned by the blade of our pride and ego’s. But, in Your Name, we have been made new and now choose to put on the armour You gifted us on our wedding day. We are made stronger through You, ready to conquer the lies of our adversary.

Yesterday’s faults and shortcomings, yesterday’s sins and wounds are washed away. They have no place in our story anymore. We choose to move forward with a great, unshaken love—a love for You, for each other, our children and ourselves. 

You created us unique. My husband brings something to the world and to our relationship that no one else can, and I possess a beauty and importance that Satan cannot take from me. We have been set apart and equally blessed. I am Your daughter, a princess and a valuable treasure. My husband is your son, a prince and a valiant warrior. The rose and the sword, we are Yours.

Lord, made whole in You, I ask for a daily renewal of our wedding vows and for those sacramental graces to strengthen our bond and to emblazon our love. We have been chosen and called by You to become something greater than ourselves as a united couple. Help mend our broken ways and bring us closer to each other on the path that brings us ultimately closer to You. And may our children be transformed by Your Beauty, Goodness and Truth made evident by our loving companionship. Amen.

Love always,

Your Daughter