Introducing the Word: A Workbook On Sacred Words

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We are so excited to share with you the fruits of our latest work! This project was already unfolding in our hearts before Visio Divina even hit shelves, and it’s been personally enriching to pray with these words that we’ve compiled into our latest book.

The other week the Gospel was the Prodigal Son, and I purposely sought out a different Mass because I was worried I would get the same old, same old homily on this Gospel that we’ve heard a thousand times before…but sometimes it’s the most familiar Gospels or the words that we say over and over again that take us by surprise. Their richness is never actually dulled by our constant rubbing against it. The truth they have to reveal only continuously grows deeper. There’s never a moment when God cannot reveal Himself to us through the same channels, the same syllables, those same verses.

That Sunday, I was in awe that He got me again. It was like I was hearing that Gospel for the first time.

In a similar way, we’ve scoured and rummaged and searched for beloved Catholic words that seemed to have lost their sheen and compiled them into this workbook that helps us to encounter them in a new way. The word that started this all for us was Adoration.

Did you know that Adoration is from the Latin word Ad oratio, meaning “mouth to mouth?” I must have used this word hundreds of times the past year, but when I understood where it came from, everything about my favorite form of prayer changed. If that’s truly its origins (which…it is), then there’s only two times where someone comes mouth-to-mouth, and that’s either through an intimate kiss or when someone is saving another’s life. Woah. Take that to prayer.

And we did, along with a handful of other words like reconciliation, humility, Gethsemane, and more! The riches of these words poured forth!

Sometimes a single word can change, well, everything…and Catholicism has a treasury of sacred language. This workbook guides us into a deeper contemplation on some of the most profound Catholic words. the Word: A Workbook on Sacred Words takes us through the etymological roots and provides a reflection, journal pages to help dive deeper into its definition, as well as beautifully designed accommodating prayer pages. Catch these well worn words as they fall from our lips and experience them in a way you haven’t before.

Pre-Orders run til the second week of Easter and are expected to ship no later than the third week of Easter!