Gifts For Catholic Guys

By Carolyn Shields

I just googled ‘gifts for Catholic guys’ and guess what popped up? A $70 customized compass, a wooden box, a leather bracelet with a cross, and a $25 priest mug. No man in my life would appreciate any of that. Heck, I wouldn’t appreciate any of that. I’d rather take the cash, thanks!

Is it any wonder brothers and dads and significant others are the hardest people in the world to shop for?! Whether it’s because they are super practical, or kind of picky, or the only thing that we can think of that they would enjoy is like five times our budget, we can find ourselves going nuts trying to find something for them.

So! We’ve compiled some of our favorite Catholic guy gifts that fit either the practical realm, the doesn’t-break-the-bank realm, or the not-the-terrible-first-results-on-google realm. (We wanted to save you the digging.)

1. A Creatio Adventure Trip

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 7.48.00 PM.png

No! We promise, it won’t break the bank. Creatio offers budget friendly adventure trips, pilgrimages, and mission trips for young adults around the world, and they’re perfect for your little brother whose faith could use a little more maturity (maybe?) but you don’t want to slap a Bible in his face. Or maybe an important anniversary is coming up…or maybe your dad is celebrating a retirement and you and your siblings want to chip on. We say start here!

Cost: $50+

2. Heart of IESVS Prints and Prayer Cards

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 7.55.38 PM.png

Our newest partner has such a talent! Josiah’s prayer cards and prints caught our eye and we couldn’t wait to work together to show you his stuff! Why? Because it kind of leans a little to the masculine appeal (or at least we think so). So is your Bible study disbanding for the summer and you want to send the guys off with a little gift? What about the seniors graduating from your Newman Center? Hey, when was the last time you gave your godfather a gift? Check our these prints!

Cost: $3-9

3. Paradigm Clothing

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 7.58.35 PM.png

Uhm, forget the men…I want this sweatshirt. I also know my little bro who perpetually has a skateboard in his hands would like it too. It fits really nicely into my $50 budget for his graduation gift too, since it’s just $30! I love Paradigm Clothing (one of our partners) because they’re all about proclaiming the truth by riding the waves of culture, not fighting against it. All of their clothing speaks of God, but not everyone feels comfortable wearing it on their sleeve (like, say, my brother).

Cost: $2-30

4. Tresor Bleu’s Prayer Bullets

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 8.08.27 PM.png

Yeah, we said it! You know how there’s sometimes someone in your life who seemingly doesn’t need another rosary or book or crucifix (LOOKIN’ AT YOU RELIGIOUS). Well…I would bet you some dollars that they don’t have a prayer bullet. These vintage beauties were created as mini shrines by WWI solders using empty ammunition shells and later added small statuary…over one hundred years later, they still serve as powerful reminders of the sacredness of life.

Cost: $120+

5. Valiant Magazine Subscription


You can either order a subscription to help your son keep the faith when he heads off to college or purchase a single issue as a ‘topper’ for a gift. Either way, name another Catholic guy magazine…ha! Didn’t think you could!

Cost: $10+

6. Providential Co.’s Shop

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 8.15.35 PM.png

These are perfect for that little guy in your life who is receiving his First Holy Communion this year! Or also for your girlfriend who just had a little boy, and you want to get her something that’s unique but Catholic! From votive candles to prints to prayer cards that are pretty enough to frame, this small business has many items to choose from!

Cost: $2-24

7. Mystic Monk Coffee

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 8.19.24 PM.png

Ok, no one tell my former boss, but I used to brew this coffee in our tiny little coffee pot when I worked at this little religion shop just so the whole store would fill with its fragrance. I didn’t drink coffee at the time (truly a B.C moment), but years later…like, ten years later…I still think of that smell.

Cost: $11.95-15.99

I’m also a big believer that everyone should have at least one crucifix in their home/apartment/dorm, as well as a good Bible (if you got a young adult one or something from confirmation when you were 15, consider upgrading!) Find out if he has one. Is a guy friend getting married? What about a nice nativity set? Also something that every home should have. Of course, time and prayer are some of the most powerful gifts we have to give and rarely does something come as close as taking your little bro out to a brewery for an afternoon or figure out his confirmation saint and have a Mass offered for them in some foreign St. Hubert Church!

What other ideas do you have?