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Hey womenfolk! This is Carolyn popping in here for a moment to elaborate on our new Patron program! TheYCW is wrapping up its fifth year of ministry and we are celebrating with a special commemorative book coming out in just a few weeks (more details on that soon!). We’ve seen continual organic growth these past few years, and the fruits of this ministry are truly beginning to bear fruit. It’s a beautiful thing to witness!

This past year alone we’ve nearly doubled our readership and are on track to release SIX publications by the end of 2019. Every submission, every like and comment and share, every purchase and every word of support has only helped to further our mission. We cannot thank you enough.

In order to continue this growth and keep the momentum going, we are seeking 100 readers to become patrons. For $3/month, you will ensure that theYCW will become sustainable for the long haul (and not just month-to-month, waiting on the next popular article, crossing our fingers we’ll land a partnership that month, or hoping we’ll sell a few books). We promise that our online content will forever and always be free and accessible (because you just can’t put a price tag or restrictions on truth), and you’re under no obligation to make a pledge (obviously).


If you ever read an article on our site that helped to shape your faith, or if you ever shared something with a friend who desperately needed to feel less alone, or if you ever came across something you needed to hear at the right moment, or if you need that visual of hope when our Church suffers so much, we ask that you consider making that $3 pledge.

By becoming a patron, you will also get a 10% off coupon on all of our books that will never expire, and if in a few months from now realize you can’t keep swingin’ it, that’s okay. You can deactivate your gift at any time and keep the coupon on us! (Our profit margins are so little which is why we rarely have sales!)

So THANK YOU again for all of your past support, and here’s to what’s next!