Making Your Dorm Room A Shrine


By Carolyn Shields

Ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but just because it’s a fifteen square foot cinder block room with a lofted bed and the most uncharacteristic desk doesn’t mean you can’t make your room a place of solace and peace. College can be stressful, heck, life is stressful, and it’s important to make your home (whether it’s a temporary one or not) a place that allows your heart to settle and for silence to speak.

There’s several ways to do this, but it’s especially hard when you’re condensed into one little corner. Hopefully there’s a chapel on your campus or a church nearby, but if not we recommend the following:

1) Hang religious art in your room

At the very least a crucifix. We get that your roommate not be Catholic or even Christian at all, but you don’t have to go all out. We love Be A Heart’s prints because they are so beautiful but they’re not in your face Catholic (for lack of a better phrase). We especially love this one.

2) Avoid the clutter

It’s hard to hear God in all the noise, and this applies to the amount of stuff you have. It’s not an accident that monasteries and abbeys are simple. When our room is overflowing with papers and dirty clothes and shoes piling out of our closet, our mind almost can’t help but go there first. Try to eliminate that.

3) That whole spark joy thing?

There’s something to it! If I could go back to my 21 year old senior self, I would have made her taken down that photo of her old boyfriend she insisted on including in her collage. The intentions were nice (“well, even though we’re not still together it was still a happy time”) but I also felt a twinge in my heart every time I saw it. Your space may be really limited. Only have things that speak joy.

4) Have fun with your style!

It may be your first chance to really express yourself or try something new in terms of decorating…go for it! God loves watching you figure things out, even the smallest of things…like whether or not you’re into that whole hygge thing or maybe trying out some bold colors and patterns.

We have a few items over at theStewardess that may help you create that little shrine, and whether or not your gifting it to your sister or daughter as she moves away, or maybe adding it to your own little home, we always thank you for your support!

Claude Monet Print


Even non-religious art speaks of Holy

Cabin Box


I love having a place to store my prayer cards and rosaries. Forever thinking of taking this down from the shop and just keeping!

Marble Tea Light


Have the dreamiest desk to inspire working for His glory!

Pencil Holder


So long Target. Hello vintage goods.