Fourteen Ways To Be Creative This Summer

By Carolyn Shields

Whether you're a student relishing in these weeks of freedom, a teacher without her kids, or a twenty-something loving the longer days and warmer temps, summer is a beautiful time to be creative. But sometimes we need a little help to think of how. 

Our God is a Creator after all, and we can't help but look at a creation and see the goodness, the beauty, and the truth that speaks through beings. Our souls long to participate. Pope John Paul II wrote in Letter to Artists, "Through his artistic creativity, man appears more than ever in the image of God." Though boredom or a hefty left sided brain sometimes mutes this desire, occasionally we feel its yearning. The following list is to help you give in.

Fourteen Ways To Be Creative This Summer

  • Refurbish a piece of furniture by reupholstering or repainting.

  • Try sewing, knitting, needlework, or crocheting. 

  • Tend to a garden, plant something, forage, or create a bouquet from wild flowers.
  • Indulge in a hobby you've always wanted to try, like pottery, soap making or an instrument.
  • Experiment in the kitchen. Make your own tea, try braiding bread, or decorating a cake with flower petals.
  • Study. Learn a new language, memorize constellations, research your family lineage, get into ornithology.  
  • Take fifteen minutes each day to read something in print, either the news, spiritual reading, a biography or a classic. Leave your phone in another room to focus and if the minutes duplicate, let them.
  • Try a new experience, like yoga, kickboxing, or beekeeping. (All three may or may not be on my list).
  • Prepare a food you've never had before. Asparagus, brussel sprouts, or artichokes. 
  • Write something for us! We're always on the look up for submissions and we love working with first timers. Check out our submission page here for more info.
  • Get a new haircut, or if you're not that bold, try a new daily hairstyle like moving a side part to a middle. Or try bold lipstick or something that switches up your daily routine.
  • Change up your digital life. Buy an alarm clock, wear a watch, challenge yourself to not check social media before 9am.
  • Give podcasts a chance. Or audio books. Or NPR. 
  • Take on a new, popular health phase, like essential oils, charcoal, or kombucha tea (gag).