We were once wild and care free, but somewhere along the way, we've forgotten how to grow.



At theYCW, we believe that there's five elements to a woman that consistently need care. That's your heart, your soul, your story, your recovery, and your little moments that make up your life. Since launching in September 2013, we've finally come to understand what it is we've been trying to accomplish here on this site. Our main mission is to provide resources, written by and targeted for (but certainly not exclusive to!) young Catholic women to continually encourage growth. We want to help cultivate that beautiful landscape and world that we've been entrusted with, as well as that garden within. 

But that's not it! We also provide two other categories, titled the Series + Sacred. 

The Series is here to offer insight on where Holy is found in various areas of our current society. Whether that's from music we listen to or what we feed our room mates (or babies!), our faith is part of our lifestyle. 

Sacred (formerly called Spiritual Strength) is just that: a place to find spiritual nourishment on our journey to Calvary. That's in the form of prayers, the witness of those who have gone before us, words from our gal, St. Faustina, and more.

We also continually strive to provide original content. We make this platform available and accessible for women across the globe, and we encourage you to use this site to share your own words of truth. We've begun partnering with various organizations to spread their products. We have a shop where we sell hard copies for Bible studies. 

We are still wild. We are still wanted. And we're growing

Vulnerable, guarded, or thriving...the state of our hearts is crucial in allowing our Holy into our lives and others. Relationships matter a lot to us. We must tend to and care for its growth; and perhaps, most importantly of patient with it.  .

Dialogue helps us to form and fine tune our convictions, beliefs, and opinions. It engages the mind and often brings our faith back from our hearts to our heads.

St. Edith Stein said "emotions occupy the center of a woman's soul." Women are set apart and endowed with unique graces that, as Fulton Sheen once said, determines the level of our society. We must not neglect ourselves when we nurture others.

We are fallen by nature. Whether our original sin reveals itself through mental illness, a broken heart, or other such torments, we must reconcile with ourselves, God, and others...and we can prune the weeds and thistles because Christ wore a crown of thorns.

It's the small things that mean the most. That's why those little moments during your day need constant attention, frequent watering, and stable care.