Magazine Poll


Sweet readers! We’re dreaming up something big but need your help! We would love to launch an annual magazine in 2019 but require your voice, opinion, and prayer. We know it’s super early on, but would you mind filling out the questionnaire below to help us determine the future of theYCW?


Ie, why do you come here?
There's lots of great magazines out how would ours stand out? What could we deliver that others don't? What could make ours special?
Would you prefer a magazine that is... *
More Bible studies, prayer books, stationary...whatever type of print you can think of!
Think, apprx 150 pages, full color spread, issued once a year
We've always liked EVE and SYCAMORE for not-explicitly-Catholic names, or simply theYOUNGCATHOLICWOMAN for an explicit Catholic mag.

Some early mock designs