Allyson Johnson

Allyson Johnson

theYoungCatholicWoman offers women globally the platform to pronounce their words of truth, found between the thistles and roses. as a place of encouragement, we are seeking vibrant voices who will capture an audience and evoke a desire planted deep within to reclaim beauty, goodness, truth, and simplicity. If you believe that your voice can enthrall (and we sure do), keep reading.


  • We are currently accepting pitches or submissions for single, stand-alone articles.

  • Submissions are without compensation. Our wallet is still just too dainty.

  • You will always hear a response within a month. If not, please follow up with us as something may have slipped through our fingers.

  • Accepted submissions will be edited. Minor grammatical and content changes will be made, and you will only be contacted of changes if they are significant to gain your approval.



Word Count: 500-1,000 words max

Do not include photo or biographical information unless requested.

We appreciate research on debatable topics.

Take yourself out of the story as much as possible and don't make it an open journal, please. Tell us what's on your heart, not necessarily what's in it. Remember, your words will be read by thousands. Some things are meant to stay between you and Holy. 

Write something that's engaging, thought provoking, challenging, moving. Write what needs to be read.


  • Relationships

  • Testimonies

  • Feminine Beauty

  • The Series: Music, Art, Literature, Travel, Recipes, Career

  • Healing

  • The Art of Simplicity (motherhood, social media pitfalls, current events...)

  • the Holies: Biographical essays on the Church's finest


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