"Modest is Not Hottest"


The following is an excerpt from Marc Barnes's blog post, "Modest is Not Hottest."  Marc Barnes is currently a student at Steubie U, sneak-attacked-kissed my best friend on the cheek (bahaha, true story though), and gives me hope for the future of Catholicism in America. Check out his blog, Bad Catholic on Patheos. When I led a Faith and Field: English program here at school, whenever I was lazy I just made my group read his blog posts.

I’ll keep this short.

Every time a Christian says “modest is hottest,” a puppy jumps off a bridge, dies, and is run over by truck while second graders watch. (Which I really wouldn’t care about, except that it gives godawful evolutionary biologists an excuse to pretend that willful suicide is a beneficial evolutionary trait unspecific to the human race.) That a phrase rhymes does not make it a truism — I can “snooze” and not “lose,” “fake it” and never “make it” — and this is especially true of the overwhelmingly whack aggregation of words that comprise our current topic, words I double-damn as (a) not really rhyming unless you mispronounce “hottest” and (b) not being true.


The phrase is a reaction against a popular culture that says — by way of objectifying every ounce of the human person to sell light beer – that immodesty is hottest, and by hottest, it means sexually attractive, and by sexually attractive, it only ever means erection-inducing. Thus the unintended effect of the Christianism is to say “modesty is erection-inducing,” which is scary.

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