The Art of Summer

Carole et Vincent

Carole et Vincent

By Kathryn Hyland

Alright ladies, can you believe summer is nearly over? Summertime is when we finally get around to all those projects we've pinned on Pinterest, right? If you're anything like me you probably have several projects you're dying to start but somehow always mange to talk yourself out of, telling yourself you have more important  things to do or that your work isn't really that great anyway.

For all of you artists out  there who have been putting off perfecting your craft and for the wannabe artists who are hesitant to get started, I highly recommend taking the 45 min to watch this inspiring video.

It's a talk by the blogger the Jealous Curator. She is a very engaging speaker and tells of her struggle with self-doubt in her artistic abilities. She has excellent advice on getting out of the creative slump and  having the confidence to share your work. The video reminded me of all the times I have chosen not to pursue a dream or goal simply because there was a tiny voice of self  doubt inside, telling me to leave it for  others who are more talented. I'm not just talking about artists, I'm talking about musicians, dancers, athletes, writers, etc.

It is true, a great number of people these days  are pursuing their dreams, but I feel as though even more people are leaving their  dreams behind. The technology of our times encourages comparing ourselves to others. On my Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds I see my friends landing internships in New York, getting callbacks, creating albums and EP's, starting a business, and traveling the  world. It is easy to look at other’s online lives and think "Well they just got lucky” or "They did that because they have more confidence than I do.”

What I have realized though, and  what the Jealous Curator explains in her talk, is that everyone experiences self-doubt  at one point or another. The people that make it are the people who find ways to work through the self-doubt. 

In a sense, when we doubt ourselves, we are doubting God.

God has placed desires on our hearts and we need to pursue those desires, for our own sake and for The Lord's sake. By telling ourselves we are inadequate for a task, we are basically telling God we don't trust Him to help us. Now I'm not saying everyone is meant to be a world famous artist, but I am saying everyone is meant to reach their fullest potential. Only then will we feel we have done everything we could for The Lord.

Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the most brilliant artists in history; however, even Leonardo had flaws when it came to his work. Leo was known for leaving paintings unfinished and moving on to another project. On his deathbed he said, "I have offended God and mankind by not working at my art as I should have.”

 So that's pretty gloomy right? I know those aren't the words I want to say when I'm dying, and I'm sure you don't either. Take the rest of this summer and really listen to the desires of your heart. Don't be afraid to paint, draw, sing, dance, and try something new, if only to give yourself a break from the workaday world. Start with a small goal and don't forget to share what you're doing with someone else.

That's how we grow as human beings, sharing and building relationships. If you hear that voice of self-doubt nagging inside, say a prayer to Our Lady for complete trust in her Son.