Choosing Him

By Carolyn Shields, feeling overwhelmed by beauty and sharing another brief glimpse into {INSIGHTS}Vol. II

I told myself I wouldn't think about him, promised my momma that I would leave my worries and anxieties in America, but I still packed a picture of him that I shared with the girls I met, calling him my best friend. I'm only a woman.

We were created to be fragile, particularly as women. We were conceived to endure frightful storms, but not perfectly. We were designed to act within a set of boundaries and margins because our Holy doesn't want us to take on the world alone.

So what do we do when we reach these limitations? We choose Him, the one with scarred hands. And not him. We let God take over and act, because now we know this: you've done everything you could. You've hit your threshold.

And it's time to choose a greater Love, and let that Love take over from there.

Hey you, have a beautiful weekend, and through it all, choose Him. Every time. Above all else.