Switchfoot's Best Lyrics From Their Latest Album

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By Carolyn Shields

Switchfoot released Native Tongue, their eleventh studio album, this past January. This band of brothers has come a long way since dropping “Dare You To Move” get this, nineteen years ago. Spanning over two decades, this alternative rock band has managed to cover nearly every genre of music, and Native Tongue somehow effortlessly displays rock, pop, Christian, and even techno all in one album.

I’m no music critic, but Switchfoot is the one band that I’ve bought tickets to every time they’re playing nearby. So at least there’s that. And aside from Jon Foreman’s vocals and the general musical composition (think: perfecting that build up to the second chorus or ingenious bridges), their lyrics always floor me. It’s straight up poetry. And if I’m honest, they’re powerful enough to take me to prayer.

Consider taking a moment and bringing these lines before God:

What a beautiful sound / to lay your life down / your forgiveness is where I am found

From Strength To Let Go

If only live didn’t need us to be this brave / But we don’t live in a life of if-onlys / Stretched tight between our birth and our graves

From Joy Invincible

Compass set on forever

From The Hardest Art

I choose mercy instead of control

From Strength To Let Go

It’s ok to fear / It’s ok when you feel small / You’re ok right here / It’s ok when you feel nothing at all.

From We’re Gonna Be Alright