Musician to Watch: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Andrew McMahon rose to fame as Something Corporate's front man, providing lead vocals and taking his seat as pianist, stealing hearts with the infamous Konstantine. McMahon's following three records were released with Jack's Mannequin (Dark Blue anyone?), the rocker band he formed in 2004 after Corporate's run was up. Since then and now, McMahon married the love of his life but he certainly hasn't left his music days behind.

Coming back in a pop tide with traces of his rocker past, McMahon's latest project, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, has gained notoriety across the nation at the close of his 2014 North American tour.

Cecilia and the Satellite, his single that is taking air waves by storm, chronicles his fierce love for his infant daughter. (Go ahead...squeal) But his album offers a plethora of fantastic, up-beat tunes, the kind that only brings a twinge to a heart when his music is seeped with personal memories...Synesthesia is a punchy, swiss cheesey track, and High Dive is widely rumored to be the next single off of what is sure to be an album that continues to climb up the billboards. And I can't help it, All our Lives has such undeniable religious allegorical elements in its chorus:

All our lives All our lives
I watched you search beneath the falling skies
This was no path to glory
You always walk before me
But you came back to warn me
All our lives

Andrew McMahon has come back stronger than ever, boasting high energy shows with throwbacks to his fan's favorites from bands past...and you never know, Cecilia might even make her very own appearance. Can't make it to his current 2015 tour? That's ok, it's just as easy to get lost in his music with emphatically personal lyrics and melodies.

Jump on his revived bandwagon, and you'll meet me there!

Review by Carolyn Shields