We were once wild and care free, but somewhere along the way, we've forgotten how to grow.

At theYCW, we believe that there's five elements to a woman that consistently need care. That's your heart, your soul, your story, your recovery, and your little moments that make up your life. Since launching in September 2013, we've finally come to understand what it is we've been trying to accomplish here on this site. Our main mission is to provide resources, written by and targeted for (but certainly not exclusive to!) young Catholic women to continually encourage growth. We want to help cultivate that beautiful landscape and world that we've been entrusted with, now that Eden is a starch memory, and care to that garden within. To learn more, read our Cultivate page.

We also strive to always provide original content. We strive to make this platform available and accessible for women across the globe, and we encourage you to use this site to share your own words of truth. We've begun partnering with various organizations to spread news about their products. We have a shop where we sell hard copies for Bible studies. 

We are still wild. We are still wanted. And we're growing.

The Story

We often get asked how it all started, and it's humbling to admit it came from my first break-up and emerging out of my first fight with spiritual warfare in September 2013. I was 21 and dreams were being crushed. I hit a wall. I was facing reality with a sad heart. I had all of this pain, frustration, fear, hurt, and time on my hands and knew that in order to 'distract' myself from my current situation, I had to devote and throw myself head long into a project. But more so, I knew I needed to make that pain worth something, and suffering only ever has meaning before the Crucifix. I needed to make it beautiful, and to do that, I had to make it a gift. TheYCW was created from a whirlwind of troubles that will inevitably be faced as a young woman: heartache, anxiety, spiritual exhaustion, and job hunting. It's easy to feel alone, but we all come together here.

Carolyn Shields

is a graduate of Mount St. Mary’s University and earned her Masters in Emerging Media at Loyola University. She loves lukewarm mediocre diner coffee more than anything in the world, except, perhaps, Dublin. She's spoken at Mount2000, given her testimony to the underground church in China, and preached on poverty of the heart in Uganda to three hundred village women. To say hi, contact Carolyn at She currently resides in Philadelphia.



(Speaks louder than fear)

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As a young woman attending college, it's easy to get caught up in the stress of school and everyday worries. TheYCW always grounds me back to what truly matters and also serves as a nice reminder that there is a huge community of Catholic women who are currently undergoing similar experiences, struggles, and triumphs.  (Reader)

It warms my heart to see women telling the story of their life with God as they're living it. We need more of this in our world-vulnerable, real, truth-telling. (Stephanie May Wilson, author of The Lipstick Gospel)

I really, really love this site. It's full of such inspiring, encouraging (and practical!) articles -- exactly what young Catholic women need today. (Reader)

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I stumbled across YCW sometime early this year, and I love it, because it is just what I need. I feel like YCW is like my older sister, you know, watching out for me, guiding me, instructing, teaching, inspiring. (A lovely from Dubai)

I just want to say again how much theYCW has helped me this year in many ways. (Reader)

I just wanted to say thank you for posting _article_ and for sharing your pain. It touched me to the depths of my heart. (Reader)

I found your site several weeks ago, and I love it! The creativity of your aesthetic, categories, and content is deep, thoughtful, and beautiful. As millennial Catholic women, I think we have a unique need for the blend of beauty, truth, and love that I think you've been able to convey. (Reader)

So this is the very first time I have come across this website. I am a freshman in college right now and just trying to find my way in this life. You guys have a amazing website and I now know where to look if I am looking for some pick me up! (Reader)

I just wanted to say thank you for creating a space where women can grow and learn as a budding Catholic. It gave me such a sense of community and belonging. (Reader)

The Feminine Beauty section of the site is especially captivating, and To The Wild Ones spoke directly to me: "So I challenge you to never stop daring the culture that fits in your palm and the one that weighs over your head. Be bold in how you react, in how you charge, how you move and how you capture." What a powerful message! (Alyson Mull, founder of Catholic Chic)

Praising God for using your gift to reach the heart of my 5 daughters! You make being Catholic look cool!! One of my daughters found you and I have sent this off to many friends! Your website looks as good as Gwenyth Paltro's website, goop! This is what young catholic women need... To keep up with the current culture keeping Jesus at the forefront. Amen to you!!!! Can you make a website for my 5 boys too??? They need one just as much! (A momma, obviously!)


I was awestruck by the poetry and beauty of the writing. (Blogger Stephanie, Captivate the Heart)

I find the struggles on this site to be transparently beautiful, which is extremely refreshing. This place, it speaks to my flowery heart. (Reader)

I just found your website today, and I am struck by the deep beauty of it! From what I have seen thus far, this site is a great tool for the Holy Spirit to lead others to the good, the true, and the beautiful! (Reader)

I find myself coming here in times of need and in times of distress in order to seek wisdom and peace from these incredible women writers. I have found solace here. (Reader)

When I found the young Catholic woman, I immediately felt at home - with a connection and safe haven for my heart, my missionary experience, and my present situation. (Reader)

I just read the My Hearts Testimony page and I think it's exactly what I need to read right now. To read someone going through that experience and trusting in God and reading in detail how she feels / how she feels about God at the moment. (Reader)

Thank you for revealing Christ to women like us who need encouragement and inspiration. I’m so glad to know that I am not alone and there are other women with similar hurt, frustration, anxiety, joy and beauty. We love Our Holy One, and He loves us. This is the truth that allows everything else to melt away. Your site reminds me of this when things get tough and I forget or get lost in this world. Thank you, also, for acknowledging how delightful diner coffee is. (Reader)

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I've been reading your work for a while, and I've always enjoyed it- the authenticity, the brokenness, and the humanity you never shy away from- it's beautiful. (Reader)

I just wanted to say thank you for creating a space where women can grow and learn as a budding Catholic. It gave me such a sense of community and belonging. (Reader)

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I have been reading your blog for quite some time now and every entry of yours overwhelms my heart with more hope than, quite frankly, anything or anyone else in my life. (Reader)

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